Random or Preordained Universe?

I don’t think there is such a thing as random, really. Everything in nature is so precise. There is a cause and an effect. Trees don’t grow their branches randomly. It depends on where the sunlight is coming from and a host of other factors. Molecules aren’t formed randomly either. Two hydrogen atoms and an oxygen atom don’t sometimes form water and other times something else.

From an early age, children start asking that follow up question that adults dread. Why? Why is the sky blue? Why do clouds float? Because even early on we know there’s a reason for everything. Everything is structured and harmonious.

So why can our society accept this in the natural world but then reject the same concept for things like emotions and events? Are the things that happen in our lives completely unaffected by anything? The bird poop landed on your shoulder by chance? The fender bender you got into this morning was just an accident? The lovely service you received at that restaurant last night was simply good fortune?

It’s interesting because often when people begin to question if anything is truly random it leads them over to the question of whether everything is preordained. I suppose we find it preferable to believe that events are random rather than preordained because the latter leaves no room for choice.

But these are two extremes which feel equally uncomfortable for me. I think our Universe is right in the middle of these two options. It makes so much sense to me. If you throw a pebble into a pond, you’ll definitely create ripples. But you chose to throw it. If you believe without a doubt that a certain restaurant always has wonderful service, you’ll definitely line yourself up with good service, even from that waiter who your friend says is always grumpy. Because you chose to believe that. And if you are in a poo poo mood and don’t take a few moments to shift to a better feeling place, you may just get a little gift on your shoulder from a passing bird that reflects your inner state.

We are in a Universe of free will. We choose how we wish to be and what we wish to believe, but once we choose, those choices send out ripples just as surely as the pebble striking the surface of the water does.

Training the Mind to Not Be Quiet

I realized that I have a belief system that is actively working against me quieting my mind.

I used to be big on using down time to do something. On the way to school and then work I would study or read. If I had to wait for someone, I would read. While I was talking on the phone, I would be tidying up whatever was in reach. These sound harmless and maybe even efficient, but this pattern extended past physical activity.
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Serving Others vs Serving the Group

Serving others instead of the self is seen as more spiritual, a higher way of living. But for me, it always seemed just as lopsided as the first. How is it better to always put the needs of others before your own?

I’m always reminded of what they tell people on airplanes during the explanation of the emergency procedures. If the oxygen masks drop, put yours on first and then see to any children who are with you. If you “altruistically” see to your two-year-old and then pass out before you get your masks on, then what? Your child won’t be able to carry you to the exit. They probably won’t even be able to get their seat belt unbuckled. Other passengers are going to have to tend to you. And now instead of someone easily carrying an unconscious two-year-old down the aisle, they’ll have to manoeuvre a full grown adult, slowing down the evacuation and putting people at risk.

Having the intention of serving the group resonates with me far more. Because I am included in the group. Doing something that makes me unhappy in order to make someone else happy doesn’t serve the group because there is still an unhappy person. Going without something I need so that someone else can have it doesn’t serve the group because there is still a group member in need.

I’m not saying that if I have one cookie that I know is my friend’s favourite I would never offer it to them. That would make me happy. I’m talking about doing things that decrease my level of happiness, cause me great stress, or work to my detriment with the aim of increasing someone else’s happiness. If I found out a friend did something really nice for me but it caused her great hardship, I wouldn’t feel happy about it.  

I don’t feel happy knowing that my happiness comes at the expense of someone else’s.

If that cookie was both our favourite and the company that made it was going out of business, it would be wonderful to split it and enjoy the last delicious crumbs together. I think that would be a nicer memory to share rather than one person looking on as the other gobbles it up.

Service to the group, me included, seems to be more in line with finding a win-win scenario. The group wins when everybody wins.

Supporters and Challengers

On our journey through life, we meet lots of different people, but they mostly fall into two groups: the supporters and the challengers. The supporters are the ones with lanterns who will guide, lift, and inspire us to the next level of growth. The challengers are the ones with sharp sticks who will poke, prod and drive us to the next level. Both types help us reach the next level of development, but we will save ourselves a lot of grief and a lot of heartache if we don’t try to turn challengers into supporters.

Selecting vs Creating Your Reality

I believe that we are each creating our own reality.  But I’ve found that the phrase “I select my own reality” resonates with me more than “I create my own reality.”

My understanding is that this is an infinite Universe and everything exists all at once. If every scenario already exists, then the reality I am experiencing is the one I selected from the infinite options that were available to me.

I suppose the word creating to me feels like you’re making something out of nothing whereas the word selecting feels a bit more effortless. The choices are already there and I am picking what I’m living from the grand buffet of the Universe.

Masculine and Feminine Colours

Traditionally in many parts of the world, darker colours have been considered masculine while lighter colours have been considered feminine.

But when you read about Yin and Yang or other traditional or spiritual descriptions of  duality or the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminie, it’s actually the masculine energy that is described as light and bright while femine energy is described as dark and mysterious.  In different ancient cultures the sun is masculine while the moon is femine.  Yin is the shady side of a hill while Yang is the sunny side.

Things are changing now as more  people wear whatever colour they like (it’s not unusual to see big, tough NHL players in lilac or bright pink suits anymore), but I think that men were drawn to darker colours not because they are more manly or macho but because they are femine and vice versa with ladies.  People were drawn to those colours that were representations of the other half of the duality —their complements.

Maybe it’s a good sign that there is more “colour freedom” now.  Maybe it means that more of us are no longer holding to the extremes of these principles and denying the complementary energy.  Maybe we humans are moving closer to true duality.

Mike Trout’s State of Mind

The Blue Jays are out in California to play a 4-game series against the Angels.  I heard an interesting quote in last night’s game. Mike Trout is an outfielder that many people consider to be the best player in baseball.

I never allow a negative thought to get in my mind. I never think about striking out with the bases loaded. I never thinking about hitting into a double play. Everything that enters my mind is positive.

~~Mike Trout

Frequency Keys and the Energy of a Place

I’ve had a few experiences this month that have helped me understand the Law of Attraction (LoA) in a slightly new way—my own version of one of the first Abraham Hicks clips I heard.  I’ll write about that Abraham video at the end of this post, if you’re interested in reading it, but let me talk about the realization I reached and how I reached it first.

The beliefs we have and passing thoughts we think all have their own unique frequencies.  I knew in general that through LoA we create our life experiences, but I added on a new perspective to my understanding now.  Those thought/belief frequencies that are active within us can basically act as a key.  They make our personal energy field permeable to things within our immediate vicinity that match that frequency.

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Let Logic Work Its Magic

“The One is the All.  The All are the One.”

This morning I was thinking about the relationship between logic and the creation process.  Spirituality teachers say that we create our own reality and that we can have any of our heart’s desires.  I believe this to be true, but I was having a hard time fitting logic into this.  Logic to me has always set limits; defined what could and couldn’t happen. And looking around at nature, everything makes sense. Everything relates to everything else in a way that we can study and understand eventually. So how could these two ideas of “anything is possible” and “there is a logical explanation for everything” co-exist?

A new perspective came to me.  It isn’t logic itself that is limiting but rather my definition of it.  I had been using it to create walls and exclude possibilities; to restrict my world to a finite pool of potentials.  But I had been looking at reality backwards.  Logic is not meant to be the starting point, the thing that tells us what is and isn’t possible, but rather, it is meant to weave every thing into an ordered whole.

Logic is a facet of harmony.  Logic is a facet of cohesion.  Logic is what takes every component of our Universe and relates it to everything else.  When a new element is dreamed into being, logic is the thread that braids it seamlessly into the whole, not the scissors that cut it out.

I think we are meant to dream our dreams, hold them in our hearts clearly, and let logic work its magic by creating new knots, new stitches, to weave those fresh, new patterns into the fabric of our reality.  

Logic is the thread that holds the ever expanding, infinitely-layered quilt that is our Universe together.