Selecting vs Creating Your Reality

I believe that we are each creating our own reality.  But I’ve found that the phrase “I select my own reality” resonates with me more than “I create my own reality.”

My understanding is that this is an infinite Universe and everything exists all at once. If every scenario already exists, then the reality I am experiencing is the one I selected from the infinite options that were available to me.

I suppose the word creating to me feels like you’re making something out of nothing whereas the word selecting feels a bit more effortless. The choices are already there and I am picking what I’m living from the grand buffet of the Universe.

Exploring Reality for Myself

I feel as though I’ve had a thick, wooly blanket thrown over my mind.

Why was I so consumed with reading about other people’s thoughts, beliefs, and theories about the nature of our reality instead of just experiencing it for myself?  Why did I accept other people’s views about what was possible or impossible even as I had experience after experience showing me the exact opposite?

Now, I am starting to feel a new sense of enthusiasm and freedom.  Even the familiar view out of my bedroom window seems fresh and exciting.  Maybe this is a wee taste of how the explorers of old felt as they sailed or hiked away from everything they knew, into the beautiful unknown.

I bought in to the idea that everything had already been dissected and categorized and now it was up to me to make sure that I learned the officially agreed upon version and stayed well away from anything too close to the fringes.

I feel as though we know next to nothing about the true nature of our vast reality.  And that is a wonderfully exciting thought.

Moving So Fast It’s Not Moving

Bashar has thrown out so many cool little nuggets about reality in his talks.  One of my favourite ones is what he calls the Prime Radiant.  He says that all things in Creation are actually one particle and one moment.  This one particle, the Prime Radiant, is travelling at infinite speeds, allowing it to be everywhere at once, and it is this one particle that forms all other particles and things.

One idea related to this that seemed so cool to me was that if something is moving so fast that it is actually everywhere at once, isn’t it also, in a sense, not moving at all?  

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Galactic Restaurant

Just enjoy the unfolding.
~~Abraham Hicks

One thing Abraham Hicks is always saying is that if we could just focus on what we want and why we want it and just leave the who, where, why, and how to the Universe, our manifestations would flow into our experience much more smoothly and quickly.

Letting go of how was a big sticking point for me.  It still is a bit.  I realized that I believed that if I didn’t know exactly how I was going to get something, I wasn’t going to get it.  I needed to know the details of how something was going to come about because then I felt like I had more control.  After all, if I didn’t get in there and manage the situation, there was no telling what I would end up with.

I struggled with this for a while, but then it hit me that there was already a common situation in my life where I was perfectly fine just sitting back and waiting for what I wanted: restaurants.

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I Want What I Want When I Want It!

“Timing is none of your business.”
~~Abraham Hicks

Ah, time.  This was a big stumbling block for me.  I would be lying if I said I was completely over it, but I’d like to think that I do at least have one leg over the top of the block.

According to Abraham Hicks a lot of the questions people ask about their desires trip them up.  Wondering who is going to bring it, where it’s going to be, and so on  throws a big, shinny wrench in their vibration.  If we could trust that the Universe will take care of the who, what, where, when, and how and just focus on why we want it, things would go a lot smoother for us.

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