Training the Mind to Not Be Quiet

I realized that I have a belief system that is actively working against me quieting my mind.

I used to be big on using down time to do something. On the way to school and then work I would study or read. If I had to wait for someone, I would read. While I was talking on the phone, I would be tidying up whatever was in reach. These sound harmless and maybe even efficient, but this pattern extended past physical activity.
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Mike Trout’s State of Mind

The Blue Jays are out in California to play a 4-game series against the Angels.  I heard an interesting quote in last night’s game. Mike Trout is an outfielder that many people consider to be the best player in baseball.

I never allow a negative thought to get in my mind. I never think about striking out with the bases loaded. I never thinking about hitting into a double play. Everything that enters my mind is positive.

~~Mike Trout

Frequency Keys and the Energy of a Place

I’ve had a few experiences this month that have helped me understand the Law of Attraction (LoA) in a slightly new way—my own version of one of the first Abraham Hicks clips I heard.  I’ll write about that Abraham video at the end of this post, if you’re interested in reading it, but let me talk about the realization I reached and how I reached it first.

The beliefs we have and passing thoughts we think all have their own unique frequencies.  I knew in general that through LoA we create our life experiences, but I added on a new perspective to my understanding now.  Those thought/belief frequencies that are active within us can basically act as a key.  They make our personal energy field permeable to things within our immediate vicinity that match that frequency.

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If you don’t have anything positive to think…

“You are all selective about the cars you drive and the clothes you wear, but you are not very selective about the thoughts you think.”

~~Abraham Hicks

When I finally became aware of the endless stream of thoughts going through my head, it was a bit of a shock.  And they weren’t particularly useful thoughts.  A lot of them are judgements, crtisicms, and endless commentary about trivial things going on around me.  “How stupid.  Why would you do that?”  “Wow.  That was inconsiderate of her.”  “I hate when people block both sides of the escalator.”

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Thought Frequencies and Trains of Thought

I’ve been thinking a lot about thinking recently. 🙂

I think that when I think a thought I’m basically choosing one frequency — the frequency of that thought.   While I am focused on that thought, that is the frequency that is active within me.  Sure, I’ll get other thoughts, but they’ll be vibrationally related to the active thought.  

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Isolated Thoughts?

Looking at my old belief system, I’m often amazed at just how many assumptions I made.  The were so many things that I just considered to be facts, but they were based on absolutely nothing.  The biggest idea that I assumed was a given was that thoughts have no impact outside of our heads.

It’s an interesting assumption.  In nature we see weather patterns,  the food chain, systems moving towards equilibrium.  We know that a serious imbalance in the insect population could eventually trickle up and affect even the largest carnivores.  We know that the moon, despite the great distance, affects our oceans.  We look around and see connections everywhere.  Size and distance are not limiting factors.

And really, what else but thoughts do we believe exist in such total isolation from their environment?  Is there anything else that we think has no effect on anything around it?

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How Big Is Your Thinking Box?

She thinks outside the box.

High praise. Someone who thinks outside the box is seen as being a maverick, an independent thinker.  They are someone who can connect seemingly unconnected dots.  Leonardo DaVinci, Elon Musk, Steve Jobs.  They create and can conceive of things that draw praise and awe from the rest of us who are, supposedly, stuck in the box.

I have a slightly different take on this.  I don’t think you can think outside the box.  I don’t believe that you have the ability to think beyond the current limits of your comprehension.   But I do think that you  can get a bigger box.

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The Feel of a Thought

One of the things that has surprised me since I started paying more attention to my internal world is that I can feel thoughts.  Of course, I knew that thoughts go hand in hand with emotions.  Thoughts have a corresponding emotional feel, even if it’s indifference or neutrality.

No, what surprised me is that below the accompanying emotion, or even when there is no discernible positive or negative emotional reaction,  I can now feel thoughts as if they were actually in my body.  And they have different feels to them.  I don’t feel every single thought I have in this way, but quite a few.  I suppose it depends on how much momentum I have around that thought.

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