Let Logic Work Its Magic

“The One is the All.  The All are the One.”

This morning I was thinking about the relationship between logic and the creation process.  Spirituality teachers say that we create our own reality and that we can have any of our heart’s desires.  I believe this to be true, but I was having a hard time fitting logic into this.  Logic to me has always set limits; defined what could and couldn’t happen. And looking around at nature, everything makes sense. Everything relates to everything else in a way that we can study and understand eventually. So how could these two ideas of “anything is possible” and “there is a logical explanation for everything” co-exist?

A new perspective came to me.  It isn’t logic itself that is limiting but rather my definition of it.  I had been using it to create walls and exclude possibilities; to restrict my world to a finite pool of potentials.  But I had been looking at reality backwards.  Logic is not meant to be the starting point, the thing that tells us what is and isn’t possible, but rather, it is meant to weave every thing into an ordered whole.

Logic is a facet of harmony.  Logic is a facet of cohesion.  Logic is what takes every component of our Universe and relates it to everything else.  When a new element is dreamed into being, logic is the thread that braids it seamlessly into the whole, not the scissors that cut it out.

I think we are meant to dream our dreams, hold them in our hearts clearly, and let logic work its magic by creating new knots, new stitches, to weave those fresh, new patterns into the fabric of our reality.  

Logic is the thread that holds the ever expanding, infinitely-layered quilt that is our Universe together.

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