Frequency Keys and the Energy of a Place

I’ve had a few experiences this month that have helped me understand the Law of Attraction (LoA) in a slightly new way—my own version of one of the first Abraham Hicks clips I heard.  I’ll write about that Abraham video at the end of this post, if you’re interested in reading it, but let me talk about the realization I reached and how I reached it first.

The beliefs we have and passing thoughts we think all have their own unique frequencies.  I knew in general that through LoA we create our life experiences, but I added on a new perspective to my understanding now.  Those thought/belief frequencies that are active within us can basically act as a key.  They make our personal energy field permeable to things within our immediate vicinity that match that frequency.

If I’m in a place peaceful, pleasant feeling place and I activate a nervous thought, I would get the usual progression of downward spiralling thoughts if I kept at it (check out my post Thought Frequencies and Trains of Thought) but they would be the low energy thoughts that I brought with me. My baggage, so to speak.  Nothing in the immediate high-vibe vicinity would be a match. But, if I’m in a place where there have been a lot of people thinking nervous thoughts for a while and I start to feel a wee bit nervous for whatever reason, my nervous energy would be amplified by the nervous energy near me, and this would have a compound effect.  The energy in the area would pile on, giving a lot more mass and momentum to my initial thought, and giving an unwanted boost to my downward spiral from nervousness, to worry, to anxiety, etc.  Of course, this would work the other way as well.  If I was having a bad day and took myself to a wonderful place like a beautiful little pond and made a slight effort to feel good, the high-frequency, positive energy of the location would amplify that and help me to spiral upwards.

If the thought forms floating around in the location we’re in are a match to what we have active within us, they will increase the mass and power of the energy of that frequency.  If they aren’t a match, they have no effect.

One of my low frequency areas that I’ve done a lot of internal work on is the need to impress people or get them to like me.   I have come leaps and bounds from when I was a kid, but from time to time I find myself in situations that strum the string of that old anxiety.  

I started going to a new place this month, a place where there has been quite a bit of stress and anxiety.  The first time I went there I got a really bad headache.   I had been a bit worried about whether the new people I was meeting would like me, and I attributed my headache completely to my old negative pattern.  I came home, did quite a bit of Reiki and soul searching, and felt much better.  I remember now that I had a passing thought at that time as to why a fairly low amount of nervousness had resulted in such a bad headache, but I didn’t think about it again until this morning.

The second time I went to this place I was completely at ease and didn’t feel a lick of pressure to impress.  I had gotten along really well with the people I had met the first time and I was happy and at ease.  No headaches, no problems.

My third trip there was again going well, but towards the end of my time there, some new people that I hadn’t met yet showed up. Don’t misunderstand, they were lovely and were nothing but kind to me, but a small part of me did start hoping that they would like me.  My old pattern.  My head again started hurting me (in a different area of my brain, interestingly enough), but I left fairly soon, so it was minor.  I remember again wondering why I had gotten a headache so quickly.

My fourth visit was when I got an inkling of what was happening.  This time, I was going to have a lot more responsibility, and though I felt mostly calm and prepared I did have some nervousness about things going well with the people I was with. Within 10 minutes of my arrival, I could feel a small headache starting.

I wasn’t going to be able to go home for several hours, and I really did not want to have my head pounding, so I quickly decided to do a visualization with colours (colours are just different frequencies of the electromagnetic field and the different frequencies have different effects).  But instead of choosing a colour like red that would be helpful with reducing pain, I chose to use azure, the beautiful, light blue of a clear blue sky. As Inna Segal, the creator of The Secret Language of Color cards, explains, “Azure purifies your aura and strengthens your connection to the Divine… Immerse yourself with Azure rays to protect yourself from, negative, dense energies and to find your centre.” (I agree with what she says, but my personal perspective on negative energy is that we don’t need to worry about or “protect” ourselves from it. We just have to not be a match to it.)   My experience with this colour has been that it really does raise the frequency of our field, moving us out of the negative spectrum and into more positive ranges.  I visualized a beam of azure light shinning down on me, and within a few seconds, the warning signs of a headache were gone.  I had no problems at all for the rest of my time there or when I got home later.

I don’t think it would have worked as quickly if I had done this during my first visit.  I think that the inner work I had done after my first and third visit cleared up a lot of that old belief and energy, so it didn’t have nearly as much mass as before.  I believe that that plus the fact that I started the visualization as soon as I felt a bit of discomfort instead of waiting for it to grow into a full headache, made it much easier to clear that negative energy and start to spiral up.

Like I said, the people at this place have been nothing but wonderful and I get along with them really well.   This is certainly going to be a good growing experience for me.  It already has been.   However, there has been an ongoing difficult situation that has caused a lot of stress and anxiety for the people in the building for years.   That anxious energy is still in the area.  So when I came in with slight nervousness that would usually result in me feeling a bit bad emotionally but not physically, my nervousness became the key that opened the door for energy in the vicinity that matched that frequency to come on in to my field and play.  That compounded nervous energy then caused a headache that I would normally have gotten only if I felt really worried or anxious for an extended period of time.

I don’t think we need to worry what negative energy might be in our vicinity (and vicinity can be locations, people, objects, etc). The energies around us can only affect us if we hand them a key and invite them in to our energy field and experience. But it certainly does make me that much more aware of what thoughts/vibrations I’m choosing to activate.

In the Abraham Hicks video they talked about a lady that had been driving across the Golden State Bridge for years with no problem but had suddenly started feeling scared and panicky when she crossed it.  She had no idea why she had started having these problems.  Abraham asked her what else was going on in her life that maybe had her a bit fearful, and the lady told them that one of her neighbours had been burglarized and that there had been a lot of talk about it in the neighbourhood.   Abraham explained that the feeling of fear about the safety of her home was what was now causing her to have fear when crossing the bridge.  There are many people having many thoughts on that bridge, and those thoughts create thought forms.  The fearful thought forms had always been there, but the lady had not been a match to them, so there had been no interaction.  But now that she had the vibration of fear activated within her, even though it was a completely different topic, she was a match to the fear-based thought forms.

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