About Me

My aim is to discover as much about our beautiful Universe — both the physical and non-physical — as I can.  Whether the source of that knowledge comes from scientific pursuits or spiritual ones makes no difference to me.  Both are equally valid in my eyes now, which is quite a change for me.  I  used to have almost an exclusive focus on the physical and what we can perceive with our five physical senses.  But over the past few years, I’ve experienced things that can’t be measured, evaluated, or “proved” to others.  There is more to reality than meets the eye, and rejecting anything “spiritual” as I used to do, left me blind to a lot (the vast majority, I think) of the beauty the Infinite has to offer.

I have no intention of clonking people over the head with my beliefs.  You can certainly get along in the world with your thoughts solely fixed on the physical — that’s a valid choice that everyone is free to make — but I would like open myself to the other side of life.

I’m looking for a deeper understanding and hoping to peek behind the curtains of this stage we call reality and see what’s really going on. 🙂

I am also a Reiki Master.  I started practicing professionally in early 2016.  I’ll be posting here about my Reiki journey as well.  If you aren’t familiar with Reiki and would like to know more, check out the About Reiki, Reiki Questions, and Reiki Thoughts pages over on my website.