The Simultaneous Journeys of Life

“It’s about joyous expansion.”
~~Abraham Hicks

Many wise people have likened life to a journey.  We move along our trails from birth to death, picking up experiences and, hopefully, growing along the way.  Recently I’ve been thinking about this and starting to understand it a bit more.  For me, it’s even more helpful to think of each of our lives not as a single journey but as a collection of journeys.

I believe that each of us is one drop in the ocean that is Source/The One/God and that we are all expanding and growing.  From our unique and limited perspectives we’re seeking to become more.  We want to expand our boxes (check out my post How Big Is Your Thinking Box?) and become bigger drops, if you will, which will bring us a broader perspective and better understanding of Creation and ourselves.

The way I picture it is that we are multi-faceted drops with each facet or side representing our limits or resistance in a particular area or on a particular topic.  And these facets are not all the same distance from our core, which makes sense.  Someone who has attained a high level of alignment in athletics may still have a lot of limiting beliefs and difficulties when it comes to trust in their romantic relationships, for example.

I see us as all being on multiple journeys at the same time.  Each one of those journeys, as we progress, will eventually bring us right up to one of those sides — one of our old limits — and push it out, expanding our horizons.  And then we continue our journey, moving into new areas that weren’t available to us before.

All of us are on multiple journeys, and we are all at different stages of those journeys.  I try and remind myself of that when I’m having difficulties with someone and I can’t understand how they can be so unreasonable and limited in their behaviour or thinking.  I’ll remind myself that they are on a journey, just like I am, and that I have no idea how far they’ve come.  Maybe in this one are I might be “further along” than they are, but they could have grown far more in that area during this life than I have.  And even if I am “further ahead” than they are on this topic, I can guarantee that they are way ahead of me in some other area.

I really believe that every situation that we are faced with is the Universe presenting us with an opportunity to grow.  So I can bitch and moan about how idiotic the other person is being or how unfair the circumstances are, or I can get selfish in the best sense of the word and ask myself, “How can I use this event to expand?”  

I may have no control over the situation or the other person, but I can darn well make sure that I’m going to grow from it and take a few more steps along at least one of my journeys.

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