New Year Resolutions All Year Round

It’s a new year.  Many people see this time as a fresh beginning.  A time to start putting everything in our lives right.  This year we will stick to our resolutions!

I thought about resolutions today and wondered at the reason behind this tradition.  How and why did it get started?  If someone decides in May that they want to get out of debt or decides in October that they want to spend more time with their children, most people, I think, go ahead and start at that time.  I can’t imagine that there are too many people who delay on something they truly want to do because of the calendar.

So why the New Year resolution?  Is it because the new year feels like a clean slate?  A chance for us to leave the mistakes of the previous year behind?  Do our cultural beliefs about the new year bringing new beginnings change our state of mind and, as a result, our energy state?  Does this belief allow us to temporarily let go of some of our baggage?  Do we feel the surge of positivity from this new, higher vibrational energy level, which then fills us with hopefulness, self-belief, and encouragement?

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Life Is Like TV

It struck me today that life is like an infinite number of TV channels and our beliefs and thoughts are the controller.  These channels, instead of being something we just watch, are an immersive experience.  This is  TV that you live, breath, and feel.

And the wonderful thing is that just because you were born on one channel or spent all of last year on another doesn’t mean you can’t switch to a different channel right now.  Nothing keeps you bound to a particular life experience anymore than you are bound to one channel on your TV.

Two Types of Accepting

“I am where I am.”
~~Abraham Hicks

So many spiritual teachers will speak of the importance of accepting what is and not struggling with life or the present moment.  I could kind of see how that made sense, but I had a hard time reconciling that with one of the keys of creating your own reality:  feeling as if you already have what you want in order to create the reality you want.  I was a bit confused as to how I was supposed to accept what is and be the change I wanted to bring about.

Well, I recently realized that there are two types of accepting, and I was doing the wrong one. 🙂

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How Long Will My Manifestations Take?

One of the biggest questions people trying to use Law of Attraction to bring about change in their lives have is, “How long will it take before I see my manifestations?”

We are used to thinking in terms of time when it comes to accomplishing things.  “How long does it take to boil a cup of water?” “When will my car be ready?”  “How many hours of  practice will I need to put in?”  But when it comes to creating reality, time is not the important factor.  In fact, it’s not a factor at all.  This can be extremely frustrating and discouraging for people – it certainly was for me – and seem a wee bit suspicious.  If this LOA stuff works, why can’t I get some concrete answers?

It’s important to keep in mind just how relative our Universe is.  There is no absolute answer that applies to everybody.

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The Universe Isn’t Worried About the Size of Your Desire

It is as easy to create a castle as it is to create a button.
~~Abraham Hicks

We humans have a general belief that bigger things take more time.  On the surface, that seems to make sense.  Of course a 15-bedroom mansion would take longer to build than a two-bedroom bungalow.  Wouldn’t it?

When it comes to creating your reality, how big you consider your desire to be is irrelevant.  Bringing a new 65-inch TV into your experience isn’t going to take longer than bringing in a 45-inch one because it’s physically bigger.  It may, however, take longer because the 65-inch one is more expensive and you believe that getting that amount of money will take you longer.   More on that in another post.

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What a Couple of Blue Jays Taught Me About Clarity of Desire

I’m one of the people who has recently jumped on the bandwagon during the exciting season that the Toronto Blue Jays have put together in Major League Baseball (MLB).  The Jays haven’t made it to the post season since winning back-to-back World Series in 1992 and 1993, and fans are anxious for the long drought to end.

I love watching and talking about the Jays and the Toronto Maple Leafs (I’ve got a good feeling about this season!) from a regular fan perspective, but another great thing about watching sports is that it gives you an opportunity to see a lot of spirituality stuff in action.  The most recent example of this came curtesy of two pitchers for the Jays: Marcus Stroman and Mark Lowe.

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I Want What I Want When I Want It!

“Timing is none of your business.”
~~Abraham Hicks

Ah, time.  This was a big stumbling block for me.  I would be lying if I said I was completely over it, but I’d like to think that I do at least have one leg over the top of the block.

According to Abraham Hicks a lot of the questions people ask about their desires trip them up.  Wondering who is going to bring it, where it’s going to be, and so on  throws a big, shinny wrench in their vibration.  If we could trust that the Universe will take care of the who, what, where, when, and how and just focus on why we want it, things would go a lot smoother for us.

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Be the Change in Your Relationship

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world”
~~Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi’s quote is beautiful and so simple that it seems obvious.  The best quotes are.   If you think people should be more considerate in public then be considerate.  If you think people complain too much then stop complaining.  I had a nice, little laugh at myself when I realized that I was complaining about the fact that other people were complaining. 🙂

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