So… everything is energy?

Over on my website for my Reiki practice I have a section called Reiki Questions where I answer questions that my clients, other people, and even I have had about Reiki.  There are only a few questions there so far, but it’s a start.

I added a new post this morning addressing the question So… everything is energy? that talks a bit about atoms and how everything is made of things that are 99.99999% empty space.  One of my earliest posts here on this blog, The Space Between, is related to this topic as well, if you would like to check it out.

Life is Spirituality

Yesterday I understood at a deeper level than before that life is Spirituality. There truly is no part of life that isn’t. Even though I had read and heard this from different teachers at different times, I still wasn’t getting it. I still separated my day into doing spiritual stuff, doing chores, watching sports, volunteering, etc.

But everything comes back to Spirituality. The ideas that come to me throughout the day, my reactions to different events, my interactions with people, shovelling the driveway are all my Inner World expressing itself in a myriad of ways so that I can experience my innermost self as though it was external events and relationships.

Nothing is actually “outside” of me. Everything in my experience is me — a projection of some facet of myself.

Black As Night?

I’ve been thinking about the colour black recently.  We associate it with darkness, the lack of light, but I have a feeling that  they aren’t the same thing at all.  In our reality, with the senses that are available to us, they certainly look the same.  I’m not arguing that.  But I had the idea that maybe we are only seeing a limited aspect of those two things —aspects that happen to look the same to us from our perspective.

As an analogy consider if we had a cube and a square pyramid and that the base of the pyramid had the same dimensions as the sides of the cubes —  10 cm by 10 cm, for example.  In our reality with our three dimensions of space, if you showed someone these two forms, it would be easy to tell them apart.  But if you painted one side of the cube and the base of the pyramid and then pressed those wet sides on a piece of paper, they would both leave the shape of a square, and both squares would be 10 cm by 10 cm.  If you then asked the same person to identify which one of those squares was made by the cube and which one was made by the pyramid, they wouldn’t be able to tell you.  They would only see two squares that were the same size.  The information that makes a cube and a pyramid two obviously different forms can’t be expressed by the 2-dimensional surface of the  paper.  They would seem to be identical.

So, maybe this is the case with the colour black and darkness.  To us they look the same, but maybe from a higher dimension, or different perspective, they are as different as a cube and a pyramid.

Isolated Thoughts?

Looking at my old belief system, I’m often amazed at just how many assumptions I made.  The were so many things that I just considered to be facts, but they were based on absolutely nothing.  The biggest idea that I assumed was a given was that thoughts have no impact outside of our heads.

It’s an interesting assumption.  In nature we see weather patterns,  the food chain, systems moving towards equilibrium.  We know that a serious imbalance in the insect population could eventually trickle up and affect even the largest carnivores.  We know that the moon, despite the great distance, affects our oceans.  We look around and see connections everywhere.  Size and distance are not limiting factors.

And really, what else but thoughts do we believe exist in such total isolation from their environment?  Is there anything else that we think has no effect on anything around it?

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Stars vs Grains of Sand

“There are more stars in the universe than grains of sand on all the beaches of the world.”

I’m looking out my bedroom window, enjoying the view of the Big Dipper which is nicely centred in the frame.  

Every time I look up at the night sky, and other times during the day, I think of the quote at the top of the page and try to wrap my mind around such an incomprehensible number.   And every time I smile when I run up against the limits of my human brain.

I love the fact that there are things like this that are simply beyond us.  I’m excited when I think of just how many other pieces of the Universe are out there that will blow our minds and turn over the way we look at life, reality, and ourselves. 

The Space Between

Those who are not shocked when they first come across quantum theory can not possibly have understood it.

~~Niels Bohr

It was thought for a time that atoms were the smallest bits of matter. Now scientist can see that atoms are made of electrons around a dense nucleus made of protons and neutrons, which are in turn made of quarks of different flavours.

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Do you live on planet Earth?

Several months ago, I read a scientist’s comment (I’m sorry, I can’t remember his name) that instead of saying that we live on planet Earth, it would be far more accurate to say that we live in planet Earth. The Earth isn’t just the ground beneath our feet. It is also the air that surrounds us, the layers of atmosphere arching over us, and the magnetic field extending from the interior of our world and flaring up and out around the planet, shielding us from the solar winds and charged particles.

Reading this actually stunned me. It was as if I had walked into a brick wall in my head. Just a switch of prepositions, but it brings about such a different perspective and feeling. When I run the thought, “I live in planet Earth” through my mind, I have a feeling almost as if I’m wrapped in a warm, snuggly blanket. Or maybe even a feeling similar to being in the womb – curled up, safe, warm, and protected.

It also gives me a feeling of connection. Regardless of how many kilometres may be between two people, they are both cells in this large organism we call Earth – an ocean of air flowing between them.