Believing Your Beliefs Aren’t Beliefs

I had a lot of doubts along the way to my new belief system.  I still have some, of course, but the interesting and incredibly frustrating thing I noticed was that some of my lingering doubts have to do with things that I am actively experience on a regular basis.  Some of my old beliefs were tenaciously standing their ground even as I had experiences over and over again that showed them to be false.

This week I finally hit on why some of my old beliefs are so hard to shake.  It is because of another belief that those beliefs aren’t beliefs at all.  That they are given facts.  Simply the way it is.

That is perhaps the most limiting belief that I’ve unearthed so far.  Because this belief eliminates choice.  This belief allows no options.  This belief actually camouflages other beliefs and allows them to cement themselves in your mind as What Is.  And as long as they present themselves as What Is, you can’t even see them in order to question their validity.

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