Thought Frequencies and Trains of Thought

I’ve been thinking a lot about thinking recently. 🙂

I think that when I think a thought I’m basically choosing one frequency — the frequency of that thought.   While I am focused on that thought, that is the frequency that is active within me.  Sure, I’ll get other thoughts, but they’ll be vibrationally related to the active thought.  

In a horrendous over-simplification :),  if my initial thought is frequency Cyan-155-BBD-Delta-33,  then I would  access  other Cyan-155-BBD-Delta-33 thoughts quite easily.  And after focusing on those for a while, Cyan-155-BBD-Delta-34 or Cyan-155-BBD-Delta-32 thoughts could also start occurring to me.  Then with continued attention to the topic, Cyan-155-BBD-Delta-35 and Cyan-155-BBD-Delta-31 thoughts would be in reach.  With more focus I might work my way over to Cyan-155-BBD-Delta-111 and even eventually find myself in the Cyan-155-BBD-Epsilon range of thoughts. This is wonderful for really fleshing out an idea or taking your understanding of a concept to new depths.

However, if I’ve been focused on Cyan-155-BBD-Delta and Epsilon for a while, it’s going to take a bit of effort to switch to Cyan-155-ARZ thoughts, even if that frequency is also active within me, because I’ve got a good head of steam going with Cyan-155-BBD.  It’s certainly possible if it’s a range that I have focused on before, but even as I start to focus on the Cyan-155-ARZs I might find my mind still drifting back to Cyan-155-BBD-Delta for a while.  And if it’s a frequency that I’ve never been in before, like the Lilac-701-QRT range, then it’s going to be extremely unlikely (I don’t like the word impossible) that I’ll be able to just jump from Cyan-155-BBD-Delta-33 to Lilac-701-QRT-Sigma-214.

This is why when you’re waiting for your friend who is five minutes late and you choose to focus on his lateness, you’ll recall that he’s always late and get irritated as you start remembering all the other times you had to wait on him.  After a while you’ll remember that he broke your favourite pair of sunglasses last year, and, oh yeah, ruined your awesome mix tape in grade 5!  By the time he arrives, you may have put yourself in a downright unpleasant frame of mind, which will be made worse when he innocently asks why you’re in such a bad mood today.  When you’re on this train of thought, you’re unlikely to remember that awesome surprise party he planned for you, the great time you had at dinner last month, or that he always picked you first for street hockey in high school, even if the kid who was obviously NHL-bound was available.

The reason you don’t remember isn’t because you are a sucky, ungrateful friend, but because those happy memories/thoughts are a totally different frequency than the unpleasant ones.  And if you don’t take charge of  your focus, you are just going to keep having thoughts that match the ones you are currently having.  It’s as simple as that.  You’re basically taking your hands off of the controls and letting your train just roll down a hill, gathering momentum as it goes.

But you’ll notice that in our perpetually-late friend example I started by saying, “If you choose to focus on his lateness…”   Be aware that it is a choice.  If it’s five minutes after the time you agreed to meet, then sure, he’s late.  That’s a fact.  But you can choose to focus on his lateness and follow that train of thought to where it takes you (Grumpy Ville) or you can choose to focus on what a lovely day it is or on that exciting new book idea you have or on the fact that your favourite team is at the top of the standings and follow that train to where it takes you (Awesome Town).

You’ve always got the power to pick your train.  Chose wisely.

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