New Year Resolutions All Year Round

It’s a new year.  Many people see this time as a fresh beginning.  A time to start putting everything in our lives right.  This year we will stick to our resolutions!

I thought about resolutions today and wondered at the reason behind this tradition.  How and why did it get started?  If someone decides in May that they want to get out of debt or decides in October that they want to spend more time with their children, most people, I think, go ahead and start at that time.  I can’t imagine that there are too many people who delay on something they truly want to do because of the calendar.

So why the New Year resolution?  Is it because the new year feels like a clean slate?  A chance for us to leave the mistakes of the previous year behind?  Do our cultural beliefs about the new year bringing new beginnings change our state of mind and, as a result, our energy state?  Does this belief allow us to temporarily let go of some of our baggage?  Do we feel the surge of positivity from this new, higher vibrational energy level, which then fills us with hopefulness, self-belief, and encouragement?

I suppose that’s why so many people find it difficult to stick to their resolutions.  As the calendar days start to glide by people slowly go back to their usual state of mind.  They get caught up in their usual routines, their usual reactions, and their usual ways of thinking.  And from that lower energy level it is difficult to maintain that high-flying enthusiasm that they felt in the first few days of the brand new year.  Then they beat up on themselves and feel ashamed about their lack of willpower.

It’s not willpower.  It’s just physics.  The reason someone isn’t able to quit smoking, even though it seemed like a certainty on January 2nd, is because they are no longer at that high frequency on that topic.  They’ve slid back down to their usual frequency, which has a lot more resistance.

This doesn’t mean our situation is hopeless and we are doomed to stay stuck where we are.  Because once we start thinking in terms of energy, vibration, and resistance, we’ll stop getting down on ourselves.  We’ll be able to deliberately move ourselves into higher frequencies by looking at the limiting beliefs we have around our goal and releasing them.  At first, it will take some mental focus since we’ll still have the momentum from the previous frequency flowing through us, but this will dissipate and we’ll be able to to establish the new  frequency, the new musical note, if you will, on whatever topic we want.  And once we make that internal change, we’ll see it reflected in our thoughts, our actions, and our circumstances.

We won’t have to wait for the new year, the new car, or the new relationsh to feel like we’re on cloud 9.  We’ll be able to work ourselves there and then keep ourselves there whenever we want.  Now that’s empowering.

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