Moving So Fast It’s Not Moving

Bashar has thrown out so many cool little nuggets about reality in his talks.  One of my favourite ones is what he calls the Prime Radiant.  He says that all things in Creation are actually one particle and one moment.  This one particle, the Prime Radiant, is travelling at infinite speeds, allowing it to be everywhere at once, and it is this one particle that forms all other particles and things.

One idea related to this that seemed so cool to me was that if something is moving so fast that it is actually everywhere at once, isn’t it also, in a sense, not moving at all?  

Once something reaches infinite speeds that allow it to occupy every bit of space at the same time, couldn’t you also say that it is stationary?  That it simply is everywhere?  If this particle is at its starting location, ending location, and every single point in between, did it move?

Moving so fast that you reach a stage where it appears as if you aren’t moving at all.  That’s a cool paradox.   Bashar always talks about the power in paradox.  Another cool idea. 🙂

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