The Feel of a Thought

One of the things that has surprised me since I started paying more attention to my internal world is that I can feel thoughts.  Of course, I knew that thoughts go hand in hand with emotions.  Thoughts have a corresponding emotional feel, even if it’s indifference or neutrality.

No, what surprised me is that below the accompanying emotion, or even when there is no discernible positive or negative emotional reaction,  I can now feel thoughts as if they were actually in my body.  And they have different feels to them.  I don’t feel every single thought I have in this way, but quite a few.  I suppose it depends on how much momentum I have around that thought.

When I think Thought X I feel pressure in my left shoulder blade.  Thought Y feels like warmth radiating out from the centre of my back.  Thought Z feels like a hard, lumpy ball in the left side of my abdomen (that was one I had since I was in middle school. It would come and go).

I’ve been wondering why I couldn’t feel this before.  I think it was a combination of putting a very low value on what was going on inside me — feelings and such — and  having scattered, busy thoughts, which I think is the norm in our society.  Being as externally focused as I was, the only time I would notice something going on with my body is when there was something pretty big like pain or sickness.  For example, I wouldn’t notice Thought Z until it was painful, and it used to seem to me like it just came out of nowhere. 🙂  Now I notice it  when it’s still just a slight sensation.

The feelings vary, but they are pretty straightforward.  If it’s a pleasant feeling, it’s a beneficial thought that’s coming from an aligned vibration.  If it feels unpleasant, I know there’s some limiting belief that I need to look at.

We have so much going on inside us.  Our inner worlds are rich.  This has been one of the coolest discoveries for me, but what’s even cooler is knowing that I’ve barely scratched the surface.

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